Staying motivated is one of the most difficult parts of any health and fitness regimen. You might set out with the best of intentions, but between social events and the hectic nature of modern life, your intentions can soon fall by the way side.


Here’s some tips to keep your motivation;


Set realistic goals

A common downfall to setting yourself an unrealistic goal in the first place. Changing lots of things about your lifestyle in one go is a recipe for disaster; you’ll feel overwhelmed and end up reverting to old habits.

The better way to approach things is to change one small thing at a time; let’s say, eating a healthy lunch. When this is easy and requires no extra energy in your day to achieve, it’s time to add another small goal. Over time, you’ll find these small changes add up to a much healthier and sustainable lifestyle.



Find Inspiration

The internet is a wonderful place for finding inspiration! Even social media accounts can give you a lift, if you look at them with the right frame of mind. They say comparison is the thief of joy – so don’t look online and feel your life isn’t fair because you don’t have a six pack too!

Take the motivation from magazines, television shows, and social media sites – and leave the comparisons at the door!



Remember why you started

It’s easy to stay motivated when you keep the reason you started at the forefront of your mind. Visualise how it will feel when you’ve achieved your goal – whether that’s completing a half marathon or loosing body fat. Keep that in your mind when you make small progress, so that you can see how small achievements mount up to your intended long-term goal!

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