As the clinic has grown, it has become evident that our practitioners need a little help in keeping the cogs turning smoothly!

This is where our fabulous reception team step in!


We currently have 5 reception staff, who work to cover the clinic 6 days a week – get to know them here!


Sam Sidaway – Chief Organiser

When we moved to Coleshill Street, Sam declared the reception desk a mess-free zone! So far, so good!

Nurse Sidaway (she’s still on the register!) is a busy Mommy to her little boy, and an Aesthetics Practitioner in her time away from the clinic – just look up this lady on Instagram @aestheticallybeautifulbysam to see her clinical skills!




Jo Maidment – Un-photograph-able Marketing Magician

Jo’s skills from her previous jobs in marketing make her the go-to for advertising ideas! She’s enthusiastic about fitness, a keen runner, and often seen dashing to work after an early morning spin class! (Unfortunately, this makes her super speedy in evading the camera shutters too!)

When she’s not in clinic, Jo is looking after her daughters, or at St Giles in her volunteer position.



Kathryn Mobberley – MIA

Maternity-In-Action; Kathryn returns to clinic after her second baby in February 2019, and we can’t wait! Kathryn is our resident numbers-whizz (the calculator has had to work extra hard since she went on leave!)

Check out Kathryn’s recent blog about cranial osteopathy for her new baby by clicking here.



Ellie Lloyd – Saturday’s Girl

Ellie is at Sixth Form locally and works alternating weekends with Isabel. Ever the hard worker, Ellie balances her studies with her part time jobs! She’s got a great work ethic and is planning a gap year before university to take a break!



Isabel Clarke – Young’un

Isabel is the youngest member of our team – this is her first job! Isabel is currently studying for her GCSEs and works alternating Saturdays with Ellie.


Now you can put a name to their friendly faces, say hello next time you’re in clinic!

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