Hans Sturm qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 2015. After spending the year following graduation in his native Germany, Hans returned to the UK looking for a position as an Associate Osteopath.

Knowing life in Central London was not for him, he looked for practices that shared his philosophy of working to an established evidence-base, while retaining the creativity that had attracted him to begin his study of Osteopathy in 2011.

Hans attended his interview at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic, and was received by the team as its first Associate Osteopath in June 2016.


Since beginning work at the clinic, Hans has keenly developed his Osteopathic practical skills, as well as a plethora of complimentary skill sets that influence his practice for the better. He invests time and effort into his studies in many areas of health and disease, mental health and human performance; being a fan of disciplines such as the Wim Hof method, understanding the anti-inflammatory properties of certain food groups, and the gut health benefits of fermented products.


His wide interests are eagerly shared with our clinical team, and though they might not directly influence his Osteopathic treatment plans, they inform his casual chats with patients. It is clear to all that Hans is a champion of health promotion, and research into the science behind natural health.


“I finished the Etape du Tour on Sunday and that was mainly due to the efforts of Hans; allowing me to get back on my bike. Good consultation and obviously great results!” Paul Fitzsimmons, patient.


“I’m very grateful to Hans for his expert treatment of my foot problem. He explains everything with useful computer graphics. Even the most apprehensive of clients would be put at ease by his calm and charismatic personality.” Pauline Milnes, patient.


The theme of communication has always been strongly present in Hans’ practice as an Osteopath. He understands the importance of the language we use with patients, and its links to their treatment outcomes, particularly in patients with chronic pain.

During his time at the British School of Osteopathy, Hans took part in a long-term research project called “Osteomap” – which looked into the use of mindfulness exercises alongside Osteopathic intervention for patients with chronic pain.


Building on this in his professional life, Hans has done more research into the field of communication, and decided that he wanted to make these findings more accessible to the Osteopathic community.

It was from here that his OsteoCast initiative was created – a targeted podcast Hans has researched, hosted and produced independently in 2019. The OsteoCast is aimed at Osteopaths as a listener audience, with the first series based around understanding the way Osteopaths use language to communicate the science and philosophies of Osteopathy to their patients and each other.


Hans has sought the forward-thinkers of our profession to be interviewed on the OsteoCast, and spent time developing links between those individuals and our practice. He has sought the input of some of the most interesting and well-known Osteopaths, giving a platform for them to share their thoughts. In the first series of OsteoCast, Hans has interviewed Danny Orchard, Ernest Keeling and Walter McKone, amongst others.

Hans has done all of this outside of his normal clinical commitments, not for profit, and for the sole purpose of making these big conversations accessible to the average osteopath. The first series of OsteoCast is scheduled to be uploaded to listening platforms in Autumn 2019.


In addition to his podcast work, Hans has also made strides into the field of research by making connections with the Benevolent Fund at the Central Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Our clinic is already one of the recommended suppliers of physical therapy services to the Orchestra, and it was through his work in clinic that Hans became aware of the great number of musicians who suffer from pain and dysfunction due to the repetitive nature of their work.

Working in a clinic that champions exercise as a method of preventing injury, Hans was interested in the application of a preventative programme for musicians, much like the programmes he had worked on for athletes with the rest of the clinical team.

Hans has made great links with the Benevolent Fund through the word-of-mouth recommendations of musicians he has treated, and has been invited by the Fund to apply for monetary support for a preventative research project, using the Orchestra as a sample population.  More information about Hans’ first encounter with the Central Birmingham Symphony Orchestra can be viewed in the blog he contributes to the clinic’s website https://www.ebrookosteopathy.co.uk/hans-sturm/hans-at-the-cbso/


It is Hans’ stellar clinical work, coupled with his endless drive for the improvement of our profession through greater communication, research and self-development that makes him an outstanding Associate Osteopath.


Hans is a really proactive and knowledgeable Osteopath, reading all the latest articles and sharing innovative practice. He is a great sounding board for advice, new ideas and peer support” Samantha Owen, Associate Osteopath

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