A lot of our patients in clinic struggle to balance the pressures of modern life. In a time where it seems totally acceptable to answer an email at 01:00AM, how is it possible to carve out a bit of time for yourself?

Studies have shown meditation, mindfulness and having quiet time to reflect on our performance at work make us better at our jobs. As someone who works for themselves, I obviously have vested interests in helping myself to work smarter rather than harder all the time – so this year I am making a concerted effort to make that happen!

Here are three little things that I’m trying to do to help myself balance work and life properly;


Leave Work at Work

I used to work from home most evenings. Surgically attached to my laptop on the sofa, it was not only terrible for my back, but also for my mind! Blue light from screens tricks our brains into thinking it’s still day time, making it harder to get to sleep and interrupting the quality of the sleep we do get. I’m now trying very hard to only work at the clinic, at a proper desk, with a proper desktop computer – talk about taking some of my own advice!


Weekend Winddown

The Pilates Lounge 18:30 Friday winddown class is the perfect bookmark between the working week and the weekend. The class is conducted in semi-darkness with candles and fairy lights; and is taken at a leisurely pace, with lots of stretching, and a yoga-style guided relaxation at the end. By the time 19:30 rolls around, you’re peeling yourself off the mat, and ready to have a great night’s sleep! Leave your phone at home; you won’t be thinking of work for a good while!

You can book the Weekend Winddown at Pilates Lounge online on their website


Set the Tone

For my home, I have invested in proper aromatherapy scents from local expert, Monique Hart. Monique has been blending essential oils for years, and used her signature Bleeding Heart Orchid scent to help herself through a particularly stressful time. Her most recent product range includes a scent called Bonne Nuit, which is perfectly balanced to encourage relaxation and good quality sleep. Her products are available to purchase from her online store, or in person local to Sutton Coldfield, at The Hart Spa in Middleton.