A patient came in to the clinic earlier this week, and asked about what kind of exercise she should do for her osteoporosis.


“Is there any kind of special exercises I can do to strengthen up my weak back?” she asked.


This is a really common misconception, that you’re able to spot-strengthen your osteoporotic skeleton. Certain sound frequencies can encourage bones to grow and strengthen – if you’ve ever wondered why a cat purrs, now would be a great time to google that! But save for lining up a crowd of purring pussy cats along your back – what else can you do??


The answer is just about anything you like to do! Weight bearing exercises are best, of course – if our skeletons are being used to bear weight, the forces acting upon it prompt the bones to replenish and stay strong.


If you are slightly built, you might need a bit more weight to bear! Going about your normal tasks, or going for a walk with a light set of ankle or wrist weights can help – or if you’re feeling more adventurous, why not find an age and ability appropriate class to attend?

(The Move It or Lose It franchise is highly recommended by our practitioners in clinic.)

The main thing to bear in mind is that if you find an exercise you enjoy, you’ll most likely stick with it, and it’s consistency that matters in the case of strengthening your skeleton!

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