I had watched with admiration my own Pilates teachers for 3 years – their strength and confidence, and their ability to help people develop that for themselves too, was something I had wanted to emulate in my practice as an osteopath. So, when I saw an advert in my Osteopath Today magazine towards the end of 2017, I had booked the course online before I had quite had time to process the massive undertaking the additional studying would be.


Osteopaths are trained to give their patients rehabilitative exercises to help them to recover from injuries and pain, but not specifically Pilates. Having seen how much of a difference Pilates could make to my own “healthy” body, I was keen to see what it could do for my patients’ complaints. My practice nurse was delighted to tell me I actually measure one and a half inches taller since doing Pilates for three years – she herself is an advocate.


Pilates is all about gaining precise neurological control of our body’s muscles, allowing us to properly sequence our movements and postures. In patients with chronic lower back pain, the pathways between our muscles and our brains don’t work to instruct the best biomechanical practices, and can cause aches and pains to linger.

Pilates can help to reprogram our brains to conduct the symphony of our muscle movements correctly for safe movement – and that is how it is so comparable to Osteopathy!


So, I’m putting in the hours of study – I’ve pulled out my anatomy books, my exercise therapy journals, and my old university course notes… I’ve ordered Pilates manuals from amazon, and I’ve picked my Pilates Lounge teachers and class mates brains for information. I’ve done classes, and observations, I’ve written all my notes. So this weekend when I put myself out there as a first time ‘mature student’ to learn a new skill, please send me some positive thoughts!


What have you always wanted to achieve? Find your inspiration and try something new – you never know how it could change things for you! Find amazing Pilates classes to try in Sutton Coldfield at Pilates Lounge – www.pilateslounge.co.uk

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