I have been so excited to eat here since I saw a video on Facebook saying that there would be a Comptoir Libanais opening in Birmingham! They have several restaurants around the country after Tony Kitous opened his first branch in London, back in 2008. It had been on my London food-bucket-list before I moved, but never got around to going… What a mistake.

The food is gorgeous. Our party of three shared a meze board for two to start – Baba ghanuj, hummus, tabbouleh, crisp falafel, fresh freekeh salad, and grilled halloumi. All accompanied with salty Dead Sea pickles and warmed pita bread. We scarped the plate clean and fought over the scraps; sharing a large dish like this is my favourite way to eat out now – the whole conversation revolves around the food.

When the main meals arrived, I had already eaten quite enough, but the Fattet Lamb Kofta was too good to leave. Big chunks of richly spiced lamb, under a mound of creamy yoghurt, crispy onions and pita croutons, punctuated with sweet, sharp pomegranate seeds.

There is, as we all know, a separate stomach allowance for puddings – so we spilt a plate of 6 sticky baklava – and surveyed the cocktail menu while we were still licking the honey off our fingers. A particularly striking looking rose and rum daiquiri topped the evening off perfectly.

There are loads of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from at Comptoir, a trend that is growing rapidly, but is often difficult to deliver on. There are no feeble attempts on the menu in this department – they’re all strong dishes in their own right, not just the meat option sans meat.

We highly recommend!

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