The Pilates Lounge in Sutton Coldfield have always had a reputation for the most amazing barre classes – that’s just a given. But when I went to class this Saturday, my eyes were opened!


Gemma Allwood is a home-grown teacher in the truest sense; a client turned teacher in just under 3 years, Gemma is a great example of what dedication to a craft can do. She’s developed so much strength, poise and passion for barre in her time at the Lounge, and it shines through in her class.


Saturday’s class was the perfect mix of free-flowing choreographed moves, coupled with intense isometric sections to make your legs burn and shake. It’s clear that Gemma possesses all the technical know-how to construct and execute an amazing barre class – with all muscle groups thoroughly worked.


Her eyes are all over the room as she teaches, watching form and kindly correcting the small errors that she sees. The efficacy of Gemma’s teaching is astounding; she demonstrates continuously, making sure the class never get lost.

Her verbal queues to the whole class are direct and easy to follow – and she takes the time to learn class attendees’ names, giving praise throughout, and fostering a great positive class environment.

These things combined ensure you’re constantly moving in as close-to-perfect from as humanly possible, getting the absolute maximum benefit from the class.



Gemma is the latest addition to the all-star team of teachers at Pilates Lounge.  You certainly will be receiving 5 star teaching at any Lounge class, but if you’re looking for a class to particularly challenge your strength, balance and endurance – this is it!


To learn more about Gemma, go to the Pilates Lounge website –

To book classes, download the MindBody app or book online at –

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