Science has proven that getting out into nature is as good for our minds as it is for our bodies – especially for a workout. With the very first Ebrook Bootcamp launching today, I thought it was a good idea to run down some of the reasons why exercising outside is so good for us.


Vitamin D

Being out in the sunlight, even on a cloudy day can promote your body’s production of vital vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important for our energy levels, bone health, our mental health, and the moderation of pain signals in the body – no wonder we feel better after some time spent outdoors.

It’s important to remember to wear an SPF to prevent damage to our skin.


Mental Health

Speaking of mental health, being outdoors we are more likely to disconnect from the rest of life’s worries. In the gym, it’s easy to keep checking the clock, or checking our phones for external stimulus. Once you’re on your run, or doing a Bootcamp class, you simply don’t have time or the coordination to be checking your devices.

You’re more likely to focus on your work out, spend longer doing it, burn more calories, and get that exercise endorphin high if you’re exercising outdoors.


Respiratory Health

In the gym, air is often recirculated through an air-conditioning unit. It’s cold and dry, and these factors tense and stress your airways during your workout. Outdoors, particularly if you can find some open green space, the air is cleaner. Breathing clean, oxygen-rich air perks up our brain activity and makes us feel more energised!

So if you were still in need of a reason to try an Ebrook Bootcamp, those were a few more!

They are on every Sunday at 10:00, starting at New Hall Valley Country Park car park on Wylde Green Road. Please email to sign up, and to check the latest timetable information!

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