I took a 6 week hiatus from running as the new clinic was renovated. The project was taking up too much of my time, and running fell by the wayside. (It was also TOO DARNED HOT!!)

Coming back to running, there were a few things I decided to change to get myself interested in it again. Here are my best tips for getting back into running.


New Kit

Having a piece of new kit is one of the most inspiring tools to get you to work out. For running, this obviously means shoes (and don’t I love new shoes?!) As if I needed any more of an excuse to buy some, just think on this…

Your current running trainers may be well past their best before showing obvious signs of wear. Check the laces and upper part of the shoe for slackness, and check the sides of the soles for creasing or tearing. These are good signs that your shoes are on their way out.


Make it EASY

Scrambling around with your keys and phone put many people off outdoor running. Since I invested in a flip belt, it’s been much easier safely store the essentials while I run. Keys are clipped into place, and stored from the inside of the belt at the waist. It doesn’t interfere with the way you move when you run, so there’s no need to keep adjusting.



I used to run without measuring, but now I make sure I wear a fitness tracker. It’s important to know your speed and distance if you want to improve your performance. The data produced can be great for motivating yourself when you feel like you’re flagging – and it’s a sure fire way to know if you’re improving!

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