We all know that high sugar diets can contribute to weight gain, but there are tonnes of reasons to avoid refined sugar that have nothing to do with your waistline.


Keeping your brain sharp

Studies have shown high sugar diets can prevent protein bonding in the brain that help with memory and responsiveness. In fact, there are even links to high sugar intake impeding the production of chemicals in the brain that have a protective effect into older age. Lower levels of these chemicals are linked in research to the development of dementia.


Don’t worry, be happy

Research has also shown adults consuming more sugary soft drinks are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety than those drinking unsweetened water, tea and coffee. Our brains are very sensitive to the blood glucose spikes caused by frequent sugar consumption, and it is thought that this sensitivity can make some people more likely to feel low on high sugar diets.


Fewer trips to the dentist!

(And I don’t think anyone likes going there!) We all know poor dental hygiene can cause cavities, but bad bacteria in the mouth that aid the destruction of our enamel love sugar and use it as fuel for their efforts. Sugary foods like soft drinks can also be acidic, eroding out enamel and causing dental pain and sensitivity.


Less Fatty Livers

Fatty liver disease can be exacerbated by insulin driving excess blood sugar to be stored in the liver. Excessive use of this mechanism can cause inflammation and scarring of the liver. Once a person has fatty liver disease, they are also more likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.


So there really are great reasons to reduce our consumption of the sweet stuff!