Michelle D’Arcy has been working with the team at Ebrook Osteopathy and Sports Clinic for 5 years this week!
Michelle is the clinic’s longest serving Associate practitioner, joining Emily in practice in February 2015.


Back then, Emily and Michelle weren’t quite so busy as they are today – enjoying leisurely 3-hour lunch breaks at the Deli in Boldmere, and taking afternoon naps on the treatment couches!

In the last 5 years, Michelle has acquired a house, a husband, two children and a full list of patients to see when she can get to the clinic! You could say she’s been quite busy!!


We’re so grateful for Michelle’s dedication to her patients, and our practice. Her can-do attitude inspires all our practitioners to up their game, and we can always rely on Michelle to lend a helping hand – whether that’s using her truck to drive our charity collections to the Women’s refuge, step up to cover a sick colleague’s diary, or do sports massage for charity – Michelle will be there!


Thank you for all your hard work Michelle! We don’t know where we’d be without you!

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