Athlete Sponsorship

With Birmingham hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2022, our clinical team have been inspired to offer one male and one female athlete of great promise the chance of sponsorship in their training and competition efforts.

We are looking for young athletes or para-athletes between the ages of 16 and 25, who live locally in Birmingham, to engage in a treatment and conditioning programme free of charge.

Our practitioners will work with you, your coaches and trainers, and other health and fitness professionals to ensure you arrive at your event ready to achieve your best.

The Sponsorship will see Young Athletes working in partnership with Osteopaths, Sports Therapists and Personal Trainers to give them great advantages in the early part of their careers. Our aim is to help them learn about sustainable training, and methods for improving their performance. By gaining skills in cross training athletes can take an edge in competition, simultaneously decreasing recovery time and the likelihood of injury.

This sponsorship programme is our team’s opportunity to reinvest in the sporting culture in the West Midlands, and has come at an opportune moment as the city of Birmingham prepares to host the 22nd Commonwealth Games.

We would like to foster a legacy of these Games within our clinic, by creating an annual sponsorship programme for athletes spanning into the future, and continuing after the Games have ended.

This first pair of athletes selected would ideally have their sights set on competing in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, but younger or less experienced athletes would be considered if they show great talent or ability.

Please download this PDF for the full terms of our sponsorship package.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our Sponsorship,

please read the terms of Sponsorship and submit your proposal to our clinical team…

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